At Productive Quality Construction we understand the importance of piece of mind as well as making sure our customers feel confident they're in great hands. Our Quality Contractors Warranty is only one of many benefits we contribute to our clients, please see what else we have to offer...

Warranty Bonds

A warranty bond guarantees to the client that the company who provided the services will come back and fix defective work or material should an issue arise during the warranty period specified in the contract. We also provide an additional 2 Year craftsmanship warranty for all work performed.

Performance Bonds

While a warranty bond guarantees the repair of a project should there be a defect in materials or workmanship, performance bonds are in place to guarantee that the project will be done according to the contract's specifications and on schedule.

Payment Bonds

Payment bonds are in place to protect the owner's project against liens filed by laborers and materials suppliers should they not get paid by the contractor performing the work. For example, if after the work is complete and accepted, the owner pays the contractor for a job well done but as time goes by he finds that his construction project has liens filed against it because the materials used to construct it were purchased on credit and never paid for, then the project owner can make a claim on the contractor's payment bond to pay off the liens and clear the title of the project/property.