Top 10 Atlanta Real Estate & Property Management trends for 2021

Here’s a list of our top 10 most useful property management tools and trends for 2021


1) House washing and gutter cleaning –
Many people have been led to believe house washing/pressure washing is simply a means for a cleaner home appearance, when in actuality a regularly maintained home is much more than cosmetic looks it actually serves a purpose. Keeping your exterior home just as clean or close to the interior of your home helps prevent element build up on outside materials such as siding, plywood, brick, stone,  etc (Exterior building materials in general) from accumulating layers of unnoticeable build up causing small seem cracks that are invisible to the naked eye causing underlying decay in certain areas overtime due to moisture build up (Average repair cost 5k-10)
Gutter Cleaning- I’m pretty sure most people are aware of some of the basic dilemmas of clogged gutters or downspouts such as rain rusting, falling, pouring waterfalls, discoloration etc. However, it’s pretty common for many of us to be un aware of the costly damages caused by clogged gutters such water being forced to backfill inside of areas such as soffits and facia causing water to either stay trapped in those areas creating rot issues (Average repair cost 1k-3k) or traveling down the exterior walls behind siding creating house framing rot issues which are never seen until it’s to late (Average repair cost 10k-20k)

Foundation issues, is another pretty common nightmare created by clogged gutters or not having gutters at all by huge water puddles being formed against the house draining down the foundation wall at crawlspace or basement exterior causing deterioration or even more than usual house shifting.

2) Check for rotting or termite damaged wood, pest holes or nest- Rotted or termite damaged wood is another issue that falls within moisture the build up category including costly repairs, missing or rotted wood causes rain water to easily penetrate through the homes exterior being trapped behind the siding/exterior home building material potential damaging house framing, plywood, insulation, drywall, baseboards and flooring (Average repair cost 15-30k)

Pest holes and nest- If you ever happen to run across any of these particular issues typically means families of rodents, snakes, wasps or bees have began to call your place home by either living in the soffit or attic and should be addressed immediately to help prevent heath issues/unsanitary conditions or bodily harm.(Average repair cost (200-$500)

3) Check for cracking or failing paint, caulk sealant failure and gaps- As noted previously in regards to moisture build up potentially causing serious matters we’ve decided to add this particular feature to our list of inspections to further help reduce the possibility’s of water entrapment behind the home’s exterior surface causing extreme damages and costly repairs (Average repair cost if captured too late 10-20k)

4) Check and replace light bulbs as needed- While this key element isn’t as much of a potential cost incurring feature as the others it’s more of a convenience token, which we all understand sometimes you can’t put a price on piece of mind. As flood lights can be hard to reach and some porch lights can be difficult to change, no worries we’ve got you covered.

5) Check for damaged or missing window screens- Matching and consistent window screens not only look like nice while keeping the bugs out, they can also help add protection from outside elements such as hail, sun burn or even kids in the yard having fun playing with toys such as frisbees or balls!

6) Check conditions of driveways, walkways, stairs and railings- Along with the common safety factors included with maintaining secure walkways and railings due to trip hazards or worse these can also become a costly repairs if neglected for too long or unaware of signs of failure. Small driveway cracks in certain areas can cause the entire driveway to eventually either shift, lean or cave creating a significant amount of damage needing to be replaced (Average replacement cost 3-6k)

Walkways causing potential trip hazards, shaky or damaged stairs causing collapsing or injuries, failing hand rails causing minor to serious injury (Average repair cost 300-$1000)


7) GFCI outlets and breakers- Improper functioning’s of outlets and breakers can cause serious home damage or injuries due the their design alone. These particular components are designed to immediately turn off electrical power in the event of a ground fault, which can be caused by several different things such as water leaks, damaged wires or appliances, debris build up within a box known to cause tremendous damage including shocks, fires, burns etc. (Average fire repair cost can widely vary, unlimited)

8) Check all plumbing items such as sinks, faucets, fixtures and toilets- Leaking plumbing is another extremely high cost repair issue if captured to late due to traveling water hidden behind surfaces causing extreme underlying issues. For instance, 1 leaking toilet, sink or shower fixture can cause so much severe damage behind walls creating so much mold and mildew build up one can become severely ill. Alone from major health issues, costly repair damages are also a common occurrence such as rotted wall or ceiling framing, rotted cabinets, rotted flooring and sub flooring as well as entire house flooding. (Average floor repair cost 5-25k)

9) Check and replace light bulbs- Similar to the homes exterior hard to reach areas the interior has several as well including foyer, ceiling fans or can lights which can be dangerous working on huge ladder if you’re not skilled. We have you covered!

10) Check air duct ventilation and dryer vent- As I’m pretty sure most of us are aware of some of the health risk involved with dirty air vents such as sinus problems and allergies caused by pet dander, dust or pollen clogged dryer vents are a potential fire hazards caused by trapped lint build up becoming to hot with nowhere to escape (Average fire repair cost widely varies)

11) Check smoke alarms functioning’s- As we heavily rely on the proper functioning of our smoke detectors to help alarm us of any heavy sudden smoke intrusions, it is also somewhat common for a smoke detector to randomly stop working without leaving a clue due to defectiveness, storms and other electrical current spikes that could possibly occur causing an unpleasant fire surprise suddenly arriving without warning in the middle of the night while enjoying a good night’s sleep. (Average fire repair cost can widely vary)


12) Replace HVAC filters- Having your HVAC filter replaced regularly not only helps extend the life of your system it also helps with performing more efficiently by helping eliminate small dust particles and dirt from penetrating into the system (Average system repair cost/replacement 2500-6k

Thanks for reading our Top 10 most useful Property Management necessities of 2021 along with 2 additional bonus key points that you may also find useful (interior & exterior light bulb replacement) Hope you’ve enjoyed!

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Interior and Exterior Trim

Have you been thinking of a way to add that extra “umph” to your home? Or adding that extra something to take it to the next level of style and chic. Or are you just feeling like there is something missing and tired of the boring make of the homes built today? Have you ever considered trim? Trim can be used to add definition to the home and help the eye transition walls to ceilings. You can upgrade your home by trimming walls, floors, staircases, doors and windows.

Here we talk about window trim:

Exterior window trim gives curb appeal and is definitely an upgrade to the home. Your home can go from rotting and splitting around its windows to not only making a design statement but protecting your home from leaks due to rain. This window border should be durable enough to hold the glass in place giving your window a finished look.

Interior window gives the homeowner a way to improve their internal surroundings within a reasonable budget. It has a big impact on the home’s decor and adds depth to any room and in today’s housing market, it can add value to the home. When choosing the correct type of trim for your windows, you can relax with the flexibility of design; take an older home and make it more modern with window trim or take a newer home with plain windows, add window trim to give it dimension.

Not only are both exterior and interior window trim a design upgrade at an affordable price but each has it’s own functionality. Which can make the life of the homeowner more at peace.

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Did You know Windows Have a Personality?

Windows have significant roles in our homes. They allow for sunlight to brighten up space and fresh air to filter throughout. Windows can add that missing piece of style to any decor along with adding to the story of the home.


Windows within a home become a part of one’s life. When one thinks of a living room window, you may have fond memories of Christmas holidays and viewing the Christmas tree within a window.

When you look at a kitchen window, you may remember watching your children playing in the backyard or a red robin landing in a tree and making a nest in it calling the tree it’s new home.

There are a number of things to think about when considering a window in your home. Not only are they great for decor and fond memories of family, but they also assist in providing protection to your home. They protect you from the harsh outside elements of the weather. They also aid in providing security and protecting your family when you have a home alarm system with window sensors installed.

When properly installed and insulated, windows also play a key role in helping save energy throughout your home which allows you to save money on your energy bill.


In the beginning, I asked you if you knew that windows have a personality? My answer to that would be yes, what do you think?  Feel free to leave your comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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